11. června 2012 v 21:43 |  My life

When he first say "I love you but i can't be with you." I know he will say it. I can't speak. I wiped first tear and i'm kissed him. He looked so sad. And i wanted trust him. We stayed in hug for a long time. And he went away. I hope i didn't see him anytime. I cried and cried because (of course) I still loved him. One day I said "stop". I couldn't know him it hurt me. It was ok I was happy and I live full life. He made rubbish in my had. I don't afforded it to him. But it wasn't our last date although I wanted it. We met each other relatively quickly. I was in it again. I cried for him for so many nights. I sat near the PC and I recited my little prayer. "Please… Please, write me!" He didn't write. Never. One two weeks I was really crushed. I was so so so funny. And I was SO stupid. Today I know it. I smile myself. Never never. I will not have a boy who will say "love you but…". I want have a boy who will say "I love you and I want be with you. Darling". I'm founding my princ on a white horse or someone normal. I'm health. It's best feel what I ever had.
-ne, neptejte se, proč je to anglicky a né perfektně gramaticky. Byl to spontánní nápad jedné znovušťastné barbíny ;)

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